Hey, I'm a digital product designer.

Product Designer @ deepdivr

Hi, I'm Siggi Baldursson, a digital designer and frontend developer from Iceland. I help brands turn their ideas into high quality products.

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My Expertise

UI/UX Design

Understand First. I approach every project with curiosity towards the users & audience. Next I design a base for the product (wireframes & mockups), which can then enter the iteration phase, with relevant feedback from the business, stakeholders and user data.

Frontend Development

Bringing work to life. Efficiency is important here and Design systems bridged the gap for me between design & development. I love to bring my work to life by implementing things in the frontend using technologies such as WordPress, Webflow, HTML, SCSS & Bootstrap.

Motion & Animation

Communicate to all. For some years I have been creating videos and motion graphics. These skills have also translated into my web and product design, as motion plays a key role in digital interaction. You can see some of my works on Vimeo.

Branding & Logo

Position the Brand. Occasionally I like to challenge myself creatively by doing branding projects, since it requires a more "out of the box" type of thinking. A good Brand will resonate a message through the products & communication.

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Nice to meet you.

Hey, I'm Siggi, a visual problem solver

Hello, I am an Icelandic designer, based in Denmark. My career is driven by a need for creative thinking and inventiveness.

In short, I am a very open and friendly person, therefore communication is one of my strong suits. Also, since most of my educational background is international (Iceland, Belgium, England & Denmark), I have an appreciation of all sorts of cultures and people.

I have an appetite for front-end technologies, especially how design translates into code. This includes the creation of design systems, in order to ensure a coherent product, accessibility, and efficient project work flow. Technical languages I am efficient in include Git, HTML, SCSS & Bootstrap.

I believe that the key to a thriving business is going beyond the customer's expectations. I am fluent in Icelandic, English, and Danish, with English being my strongest since most of my education growing up was in English. I also speak some French, which I studied for a few years.

Siggi Baldursson

Product Designer @ deepdivr

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